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Some of you may have children who are fast approaching their next exciting journey in education; starting Primary School.  As parents/carers you can also help prepare your child for the school transition from a young age in various fun an exciting ways, promoting and developing the fundamental skills that will benefit them not only starting the foundation stage but also throughout life.

Often the basic foundations needed are those in which are already included in our daily routines.  Encouraging your children to have a go at getting themselves dressed, layout clothing and seeing what they can do, supporting them and showing how to tackle any items they find a bit more tricky.  This can take a little longer than if we as adults just did it for them, so remember to allow a little extra time.  Maybe you can turn it into a fun race between you & them?  You could also practice these skills when your child is playing dolls or dress up at home, encouraging them to have a go at putting on the outfit themselves before rushing over to help.  At Stonesfield Pre-School many children enjoy learning to put their coats on themselves, superhero style.  They start by putting the hoods over their heads like a superhero, then reaching round to put each arm through the holes.  Perhaps you could get your child to show this at home.

Another great skill to learn is all about emotions and feelings.  Talking with your child about how you and them are feeling is a great way to start introducing this language.  Looking into a mirror and making different expressions with your child is a fun way to explore and talk about these emotions.  Have a discussion about things that make them feel happy, sad, excited etc. it’s a great way to get them thinking of ideas, plus I’m sure they would love to here your thoughts too.  Supporting them to use these skills to think about the feelings and wishes of others and how certain actions might make others feel will ultimately benefit their social skills, helping them to build good relationships.  This can often be acted through imaginary play with your child using figures or soft toys.

These are just a few simple ideas of which you can help support your child become more independent and ready for the exciting transition into school.  For more information about how you can support your child with school readiness there are a few great links below with information, ideas and activities.

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